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Gujranwala is rich in historical legacy. The bustling city is also known as “The City of Wrestlers”. Because the people of Gujranwala are very healthy and energetic, they participate in sports activities, especially wrestling locally called “Kushti “in the city.

Gujranwala is growing rapidly and the city contributes to Pakistan’s industrial sector, which includes agricultural machines, leather items, textiles, and pottery that Increases the country’s economy. That’s why the city is also called “The Manchester of Pakistan”

The cuisine of the city is very famous throughout the whole country, especially its Barbecue items and sweets attract people to visit this city. Additionally, crowded bazaars like Raja Bazaar and Urdu Bazaar offer attractive and colourful goods that capture the spirit of day-to-day living in this energetic city. So, our car tracker services provide the best feature for the people of this busy city for their protection particularly when they are travelling.

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(Next year AMF wil be PKR 12,000)

Car Tracker Services in Gujranwala

For several reasons, car tracker service is essential in Gujranwala because of its growing population and the industrial landscape it faces the high rate of vehicle theft our car tracker company provide a location-on-demand feature that allows the vehicle’s owners to track their vehicle location. It reduces the chance of vehicle theft and increases the chances of recovery.

Traffic congestion is the second main issue in the city our car tracker service provides real-time traffic updates to the drivers and advises them to change the suitable route. It can reduce the fuel cost and travelling time. With the large population of the city doing business and using logistics to transfer their goods our car tracker facilitates them to optimize routes, monitor driving behaviours and alert them for vehicle maintenance.

Car Tracker Features in Gujranwala

Following are the essential functions of our car tracker services that protect car owners.

Real-Time Tracking

Car tracking services in Gujranwala enhance vehicle security and management with real-time tracking. These services offer real-time information about the location, motion and speed of the vehicles by utilizing GPS technology. This is quite useful in Gujranwala since it tracks the speed of the car and promptly gives the driver advise based on the situation. The driver is alerted via real-time tracking if the vehicle deviates from the intended route. For tracking vehicles, this function is safer and more advantageous. It can reduce the rate of fuel consumption by giving drivers more alternatives regarding route planning.

Harsh Braking

One of the most important things that car tracking services monitor is harsh braking. There are several concerns regarding vehicle security and repair resulting from the diver’s fast use of the brake. Utilizing accelerometer data, car tracking services may determine the cause of an unexpected car braking and notify the owner. Examining harsh braking is mostly important since it can warn drivers when they are driving too quickly, hence lowering the possibility of an accident.

Moving Analytics

Moving analytics in car tracking services is mainly about having the ability to process data from GPS trackers and other attached sensors in cars. It tracks the car’s performance and alerts owners to maintenance needs before something unexpected occurs. By examining this data, users can enhance a range of vehicle functions, including driving habits, engine efficiency, speed, location, and fuel consumption.

24/7 Control Room Monitoring

An essential part of our car tracking services is our 24/7 control room monitoring service. From a single control room, owners may get assistance from our professionals in tracking their vehicles. It’s simple to monitor a car’s location, speed, and behaviours using our accurate GPS technology. This raises the potential of the car can be recovered and lowers the danger of theft.

Assistance in Theft Case

Assistance in theft cases is one of the main components of our car-tracking services. This helps drivers reduce the risk of unforeseen incidents such as car theft. Our effective GPS technology can locate a stolen vehicle quickly and offer its owners immediate assistance. This feature makes it simple for the police to take control of the stolen vehicles. It can improve owner security and safety and help in the successful recovery of vehicles.

Panic Button

An emergency may be handled quickly with the help of the panic button in our car tracking services. All it takes is one click for the driver to send notifications to the people he has chosen. The panic button on the vehicles is situated in a convenient area. It can overcome danger in unanticipated situations. If the driver detects an attempt to cause harm to his car, he can quickly take control of it by pressing the panic button.

Different Uses Of Car Trackers In Gujranwala

GPS technology is used in car tracking services in Gujranwala to lower the chances of car theft and increase recovery. Law enforcement organizations may obtain real-time location data from car tracking services, while fleet owners can also manage vehicle location and routes. Families may use our trackers to find out where their loved ones are. Additionally, parents can check their kids’ driving behaviours through our tracker. Gujranwala residents use these services to remain updated on pressing issues such as traffic congestion, particularly those reported in the “Raja Bazaar”.

Therefore, if you want to travel safely and effectively, you need to install our car tracker services in your cars.

Car Tracker Installation & Support in Gujranwala

To monitor their vehicle with our live 24/7 chat support system, vehicle owners in Gujranwala are required to install car tracking services. One of our car tracker services primary benefits is real-time location tracking, which not only tells users where their vehicle is actually located but also protects them from unforeseen circumstances like car theft and accidents.

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Give it a try! And make your travelling experience trouble-free.

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