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Sialkot is considered the oldest city in South Asia located near the Chenab River in northeastern Punjab. This city is known for its cultural and industrial hub. Its strategic location is close to the border of India. Sialkot is especially known for its manufacturing sector all over the world.

Sialkot is also known as “The City of Sports”. This is the largest manufacturer of footballs and exports them to the international market. The world’s most popular tournament FIFA World Cup also uses these footballs. It is also producing other sports goods, musical instruments, surgical instruments and leather products.

Sialkot contributes a vital part to the country’s exports. This city has a high standard of living and modern infrastructure. This city also has Pakistan’s first dry port that facilitates the logistics and trade sector. So, our car tracker service can help them to deliver their goods safely and timely.

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Car Tracker Services in Bahawalpur

This vibrant city is known for its industrial power and faces several challenges. One of the main is the vehicle theft issue which is not overcome by the authorities but our car tracker service provides real-time location data to the car owners and authorities to track the vehicle’s location and it can increase the chance of recovery.

Sialkot has busy roads like Kashmir Road, Kacheri Road and Khwaja Safdar Road where mostly reported accidents due to severe traffic jams. Our car tracker service provides on-time alerts to car owners to change their location, and route before they stuck in the worst situations.

Sialkot is a city of traditions and modernity. It has several ancient places that attract foreigners to visit such as ancient temples, forts, and shrines. So security is the main concern for the citizens of the city to travel safely. Our car tracker services can help them with our advanced features that provide 24/7 support to the users.  

Car Tracker Features in Bahawalpur

Our car tracker services have some main features.

Harsh Cornering

Car tracking service monitors the severe driving style known as “harsh cornering”. This is particularly true for large fleets. When they are bent severely and quickly by their drivers at high speeds. This activity is identifiable using telematics equipment. The chance of accidents is increased by this aggressive driving style, which also raises the standard of car maintenance and safety. Continuously harsh cornering can be extremely harmful to tires and suspension parts. Monitoring harsh cornering can reduce maintenance cost

Air Condition ON/OFF

The ability to turn on and off the air conditioning in a car can help owners monitor how much their air conditioner is being used and optimize its efficiency. It can give them financial advantages and real-time status updates on Ac. Its effective control system provides warming in the winter and cooling in the summer which can make the driving experience comfortable for the drivers.

Harsh Acceleration

Harsh acceleration is the term used to describe sudden, forceful acceleration by a driver. Car tracking services utilize telematics to monitor these restrictive behaviors. This aggressive driving style increases the chance of an accident and uses more petrol. When cars accelerate significantly, tracking services send out notifications that allow for immediate change. Harsh acceleration is monitored by car tracking services for some reasons, such as lack of control and an increased danger of crash. Also, it can reduce engine efficiency and increase auto maintenance costs.

Towing Detection

The aim of this function is to give the owner security and privacy. With its detecting abilities, it can differentiate between an ordinary driving pattern and the distinct movement pattern associated with towing. Drivers may receive notifications by email, text message, and smartphone applications from this advanced tracking system, which can recognize changes in a driver’s behavior and activities instantly.

Share Track via Web & Mobile App

The tracking data is more useful for vehicle owners when it can be shared through a mobile app and website and is provided by our car tracking services. This feature allows customers to keep track of information about loved ones, coworkers, and friends who have been allocated to their cars through the use of an internet platform and smartphone app. Businesses and big fleet owners, including those in the manufacturing sector that boost the Sialkot economy, have considered this function very helpful.

Moving Analytics

The capacity to process data generated by GPS trackers and other attached sensors in cars is the fundamental purpose of moving analytics in car tracking services. It monitors the functioning of the car and notifies the owners to get it maintained before something unexpected happens. By analyzing this data, users may improve a variety of vehicle operations, such as driving habits, engine efficiency, speed, position, and usage of fuel.

Different Uses Of Car Trackers In Bahawalpur

To solve the problems of Sialkot and enhance vehicle management, car tracker services are essential.

  • By offering real-time tracking it can control traffic on crowded routes and boost business productivity.
  • Car tracker services also assist against car theft.
  • It supports fleet management by offering comprehensive information on fuel consumption, driver behaviour, and vehicle use.
  • It can report the location of the car in the event of an accident and ensure rapid help.
  • Car trackers can promote road safety by supporting parents to control their child’s behaviour while driving.

Car Tracker Installation & Support in Bahawalpur

Car tracker services provide an easy installation process in Sialkot. When installing the tracker in your vehicle, our skilled experts ensure it functions properly and doesn’t harm your vehicle. This procedure is rapid, usually taking only a few hours to finish.

We have a good customer support system. You can get help anytime if you have issues with your tracker. We assist you through this Email and number (03356459095) our team can support and resolve your issue regarding software updates and features of the trackers.

Go and install our user-friendly tracker service in your cars! And get aware of your vehicle location, speed, route, movement and fuel consumption during driving.

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