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Peshawar is located in northern Pakistan. It is rich in culture and history. This is the capital of (KPK). Its strategic location provides various trade routes, so it is considered the centre of trade and culture. “Gandhara Valley” is the famous valley of Peshawar it covers the large central area of KPK.

Due to its outstanding natural surroundings, Peshawar is referred to as “The city of flowers”.Peshawar is a significant educational, political and business hub. The oldest and largest market “Qissa Khwani Bazaar” is bursting with visitors and offers a wide variety of goods, from modern to antique handicrafts.

Peshawar is counted as the most crowded city in Pakistan because of its busy environment. For that reason, People of the city face several security issues our car tracker service provides all essential features under one roof regarding security.

Car Tracker Price in Peshawar



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Car Tracker Services in Peshawar

Peshawar lies in the sixth most populous city in Pakistan. The city faces several issues like vehicle theft issues our car tracker service tracks car locations and provides data to law enforcement agencies which can reduce the risk of vehicle theft. Our car tracker service provides efficient fleet management for businesses and logistics to monitor their vehicle routes, speed, location and driving pattern. Peshawar’s traffic is unpredictable our tracker service alerts car owners to avoid congested routes and helps them to find the best route. So, our car tracker services are essential in Peshawar.

Despite challenges, Peshawar is a city of history, culture, beauty and love, so it attracts foreigners to its natural beauty. Thousands of visitors visit Peshawar that’s why security is a major challenge for the people our car tracker services provide on-time solutions to users through our excellent tracking features.

Car Tracker Features in Peshawar

The following are some major features of our car tracker services that help vehicle owners travel safely.

Web Access Portal

Web access portals for car tracking services are essential resources for vehicle owners to manage and track their data safely and efficiently. This web-based tool provides the easiest display for owners to monitor movements and analyze issues with driving patterns. Through it, Owners can set a boundary and receive notifications when they enter or exit that boundary. It can also provide information on how much petrol is used and what needs to be repaired in the vehicles.

Location on Demand

Our location-on-demand feature gives car owners access to their real-time location through a digital platform and recommends they adjust their location in case of emergency. It is an essential component of our car tracking services. Peshawar is famous for its crowded roads. Our GPS tracking system can give the authorities real-time location data of the vehicles that can lower the danger of an accident and help in the rapid recovery of stolen vehicles.

Harsh Braking

Harsh braking is one of the key factors that car tracking services examine. The diver’s quick implementation of the brake is seen as a risky behavior that has several implications for vehicle security and repair. Car tracking systems use accelerometer data to identify the reasons why the car brakes suddenly and alert the owners. The main reason for examining forceful braking is that it can alert drivers when they are traveling too fast, which can reduce the risk of accidents.

Door Open Alert

The expertly crafted open-door alert feature of car tracking services protects vehicle owners. This feature can protect the owners from theft and unwanted entry by monitoring unusual car door openings and providing real-time alerts. The monitoring devices fitted to the car are immediately notified by the sensor when it detects unusual behavior. The alerts can help owners act quickly, especially when their cars are parked in strange locations.

Panic Button

In car tracking services panic button is a useful feature that provides quick assistance in an emergency. The drivers just need to click once to deliver notifications to the people they have already chosen. The panic button is positioned in an accessible area in the vehicles. It can overcome the risk that appears in unpredictable situations. If the driver senses that someone is trying to strike his car, pressing the panic button can grant him immediate control.

Real-Time Tracking

Car tracking services in Peshawar enhance vehicle security and management through real-time tracking. These services give real-time information about the position, movement, speed, and route of the cars by utilizing GPS technology. This is quite useful in Peshawar because it keeps track of the speed of the car and instantly gives the driver instructions. If a driver of a vehicle deviates from the designated route real-time tracking alerts him. In terms of car tracking, this function is secure and more helpful. It can help lower the rate of fuel use by giving car owners greater route planning options.

Different Uses Of Car Trackers In Peshawar

In Peshawar, car tracking services use GPS technology to reduce car theft and recovery chances. Car tracking services also provide real-time location data to law enforcement agencies, it can also enable fleet owners to control routes and vehicle locations. Through our trackers, Families can track their loved ones’ locations. Parents can also monitor their children’s driving habits. Residents of Peshawar use these services to stay informed about urgent issues like traffic jams, especially those reported in the “Qissa Khwani Bazaar” 

Therefore, you must install our vehicle tracker services in your vehicles if you want to go where you are going securely and efficiently.

Car Tracker Installation & Support in Peshawar

In Peshawar, There are many issues that individuals deal with regarding the efficiency and security of their vehicles because of the high ratio of vehicle theft and traffic jams. Don’t worry! We have the easiest installation process at affordable prices.

You can contact us at this Email  or number (03356459095). Our active support system guides you about our tracker features and their operations. You can also check our website for our amazing features and packages.

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