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Lahore is a lively city among all the cities of Pakistan. Lahoris are vivacious and incredibly loving. This is the second largest city of Pakistan It supports a major center of culture and commerce. It represented many historical sites from the Mughal era such as Shalimar Garden, Badshahi Mosque, and Lahore Fort.

 For that reason, Lahore has faced several challenges regarding security and one of them is traffic issues. Our car tracker service offers security and safety for the adoring people of Lahore to protect themselves from unexpected situations through our innovative GPS technology that facilitates 24/7 support.

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Car Tracker Services in Lahore

Lahore city is counted as the busiest city in the country which is why Lahore has busy roads Bustling Bazars like Anarkali and Liberty Market report a huge traffic jam so the demand for vehicle security increases significantly in the city.

Car tracker services facilitate car owners with their premium features like real-time location, geo-fencing, and a digital chat platform that secures the owners from theft and various erratic situations. So, this is the best solution for owners to avail of this service from a car tracker and travel confidently in Lahore.

Car Tracker Features in Lahore

These are some features of car trackers for their users.

Moving Analytics

Moving analytics is an innovative feature in car tracking services. That enhances the car’s efficiency and facilitates the car owner’s security through its advanced GPS technology. The heart of moving analytics is the GPS tracking system that tracks the real-time location, helping users to monitor the position of the vehicle whether it’s for individual or large fleets it gives the actual location of the vehicle that can increase the chance of recovery. Moving analytics have efficient data analytics capabilities it can collect data related to driver behaviour while driving, location of the vehicle, speed, braking pattern and vehicle efficiency on the route. one of the best features of moving analytics is geo-fencing in which users can set their desired location and if they cross that specific area then the system provides alerts.

Harsh Braking

Harsh braking is a crucial parameter monitored in car tracking is also known as immediate braking. When the diver applies the break unexpectedly this behavior is counted as unsafe and has various implications for vehicle security and maintenance. Car tracking systems assist owners in detecting this driving behavior through accelerometer data which can identify the vehicle experiences when it stops suddenly. The main reason for monitoring harsh braking is that it can indicate a harsh driving pattern and reduce the risk of accidents.

Harsh Acceleration

Harsh acceleration is indicated when a driver increases the speed forcefully. In car tracking services this censorious behavior is monitored through telematics. This behavior indicates aggressive driving and it increases fuel consumption and the risk of an accident. Car tracking services monitor harsh acceleration through an accelerometer that measures the changes in the speed of the vehicles. When vehicles accelerate rapidly the alerts are popping for immediate corrective actions. Monitoring harsh acceleration in car tracking services has several reasons such as loss of vehicle control and increases the risk of accidents. It can also impact the engine performance and increase the maintenance cost of the vehicles.

Harsh Cornering

Harsh cornering is censorious driving behavior that is monitored by car tracking services. It specifically lies in large fleets when their drivers aggressively bend the vehicle at high speed with sudden force. It can be detected by telematics technology. This aggressive driving behavior increases the risk of accidents and the implementation of security and maintenance in vehicles. Excessive harsh cornering can cause the deterioration of car parts, especially the suspension and tires. Monitoring harsh cornering promotes efficient fleet management and reduces maintenance costs.

24/7 Control Room Monitoring

One of the main components of our vehicle tracking services is our 24/7 control room monitoring. The owner benefits from having a single control room from which our experts can keep an eye on their vehicles. Our effective GPS technology makes it simple to track the speed, position, and routes of an automobile. This lowers the percentage of theft while simultaneously boosting the owners’ confidence that their cars are in capable hands.

Real-time tracking       

In Lahore, real-time tracking services are very important. because its residents face a special problem as a result of its busy street. It might assist them in giving precise information about security and traffic issues as well as lowering the likelihood of accidents. It helps not just the people who own cars, but also the physical structures of the city.

Different Uses Of Car Trackers In Lahore

Car trackers are popular in Lahore city for several purposes these tracker devices serve the security of individual car owners and businesses.

Through its advanced GPS system, it tracks the real-time location of the vehicles reducing the risk of vehicle theft. when you are living in Lahore your car consumes a lot of fuel but the tracker suggests a short route for travel and updates you regarding the actual fuel consumption of your car and it saves you money. car tracker also monitors aggressive drivers’ behaviors while driving and alerts them to reduce their speed which can decrease the risk of accidents. Our car tracker services are the best option whenever you want to invest in a good tracker service.

Car Tracker Installation & Support in Lahore

Installation and support are essential components in car tracking services in Lahore. Due to the high ratio of traffic jams and vehicle theft, people face various challenges relating to the security and efficiency of their vehicles.

Our car tracking service supports the user with real real-time tracking facility in which they can track the real location of their vehicles and it reduces the risk of theft.24/7 online chat support system helps the users how to operate different features that are installed in their vehicles.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! and install our excellent car-tracking services in your car and make your journey hassle-free. For further information feel free to contact us through this (0335-6459095) number or Email at  We would love to solve your queries.

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